TEAM- Behind a great idea, there is always a great team that makes it a reality. |    LinkedIn    | Member of the    Asociación de Marketing de España | LinkedIn | Member of the Asociación de Marketing de España

Ángeles Moreno

Motivation speach, innovative, inspirational and leadership Keynote...Her main conferences revolve around innovation in the events sector, topics such as: Event Canvas™, ROI applied to events, Customer Experience in events and Women in Leadership (MPI).

Her constant restlessness to evolve has led Ángeles Moreno, CEO of the Creative dots, Director of the Event Design Collective and Strategic Development Senior Advisor, Europe at MPI, to position herself as a worldwide expert on current issues related to the events sector. |    LinkedIn | LinkedIn

Belén García-Moliner

I have dedicated the larger part of my professional life to travelling around the world organizing events. Now my passion is the Creative dots, an exciting project with the mission of allowing professionals in the Meetings & Events industry, to continue evolving. In our the Creative dots office, I am the DOT that supports the other DOTS, so they can go out to the world and continue innovating. |   LinkedIn |LinkedIn

Isabel Bautista

Who am I? A "cre-active" person, moved by the dream to build and live challenging projects. I'm passionate about marketing and communication; with experience in both, client and advertising agency sides. My family and friends are the pillars on which I am building my life and, I partly owe them having achieved so many dreams. |    LinkedIn | LinkedIn

Esther Franco

Having graduated in Journalism, I directed my complementary training towards digital marketing, finding my true vocation in management of social media and in cooperative communication. I believe in the power of words, in the strength of ideas and in the art of eloquence. I am currently devoted to applying these ideas to the thrilling sector of events and meetings. | LinkedIn |LinkedIn

Gerrit Jessen

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have successfully led and motivated teams in the last 25 years to achieve personal and organizational success. From 2007 - 2016 I grew MCI in Germany from a team of 30 to 130 staff. Today I support companies and institutions in the MICE sector elevating their customer’s experience as well as designing events that matter, using the EventCanvas. My mantra: Listen to understand, not to answer.