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There is a clear relation between a good Customer Experience and the INCREASE IN PROFIT.

Welcome to the Experience Economy!

With the tCd CX Methodology we want to create a team of experts in listening and surprising the customer, as well as in building relationships based on an excellent service (Loyalty).

To manage a successful customer experience is to engage, get recommendations and create a loyal bond. At the Creative dots, we know how important attention to detail is and make each client experience a memorable one. How do we do it?

The tCd CX Methodology is based on four DOTS aiming to transform the relation between the client and the company, within the events sector:


DOT 1. tCd Assessment. Situation analysis.

-To understand internal processes and procedures in response to the reception of a briefing / request.

-To comprehend how the responsible teams apply these processes and procedures when managing a client.

- Analyse the purchase cycle by establishing the points of contact with the customer through the Customer Journey Mapping tool.

Where, when and how to act for your proposal to be a winner!

DOT 2. tCd Customer Experience. Design of procedures.

- Define excellence procedures based on our 4 Moments of Truth to activate a process of continuous improvement within the organization.

- Define KPIs that measure the customer's satisfactory experience and provide data that facilitate decision making (example Net Promoter® Score).

- Prepare the Procedures Manual for excellent customer management.

Thinking about generating emotions that transcend the basic service.



DOT 3. tCd Masterclass. Implementation of procedures.

- Train the teams responsible for sales & marketing, as well as executing the event with the purpose of implementing the new Customer Centric procedures.

- Prepare the results report on the degree of acceptance and satisfaction of the teams with the established procedures for excellent customer management.

Training people in planning and attention to detail.

DOT 4. tCd Talent. Making Excellence a habit.

-Identification of the most committed professionals with the attitude & willingness to lead the process of continuous improvement: Internal transformation leaders.

- Design a tailor-made Coaching Programme which allows the evolution of the teams towards the delivery of an excellent service within the organization.

76% of consumers favourable to a brand describe it through their experience*.

*Brand Experience Report 2017