Latest edition Meet the Expert # 9 Online: the Creative dots puts the finishing touch

Actualizado: 8 oct 2020

Meet The Expert, a solidarity initiative and project, born out of the need for the evolution of event professionals. A sector very focused on logistics and you have to learn to be more strategic.

Events are the communication and marketing tool with the greatest impact and influence; And many companies are immersed in a process to elevate the event from the logistics to the strategic plane (from spending to investment) and show the real value of the event to transform the behavior of stakeholders and generate a positive impact on business objectives.

"It is necessary to use tools and Innovation Methodologies to establish a strategic context around the design, planning and production of events, always with a focus on generating a memorable experience for all the stakeholders (internal and external clients) involved."

At the Creative dots, by the hand of Ángeles Moreno, we co-created in a virtual and collective way with our community, during these weeks, 5 sessions divided into working groups, led by transformation leaders and with the collaboration of more than 200 professionals and sector experts, in online innovation spaces to allow #EventsProfs and #tCdFans to continue improving their skills and learning, with the aim of: RE-THINK AND RE-DESIGN ALL TOGETHER THE #TRANSFORMATION AND RE EVOLUTION OF THE EVENTS SECTOR OF THIS NEW ERA!