IT’S TIME TO CHANGE! #thetimeisnow

Actualizado: 8 oct 2020

After months of many changes and uncertainty, it is time to continue. It is time to look back and take the step of embracing change.

In the Creative dots we love transformation and we think that there is no better time than this, hence our hashtag #thetimeisnow.

If you want to move forward, it is essential to go through a process of reflection like the one that we do in our Innovation and Transformation Consultancy . With our CX Design Playbook we work on your organization development: REthink, REinvent, REaction plans and align your intern talent in the process, from your TODAY to you destiny’s definition.

Let’s discover what has changed around you, what opportunities should you take advantage with your stakeholders and how can we do it in a systemic way! It is essential to be open to this transformation and that is why this process is just for leader organizations that embrace change as an opportunity.

We have had some months of uncertainty, and lots of changes in events sector. We want to help you to achieve transformation with our expertise in meetings and events sector.We design your events with you, face-to-face, virtual, hybrid... we will choose the format later. But first, it is essential to define why do we organize it and for whom, to be able to establish learnings that we want to emphasize to achieve actions in our events.

After it, it is essential to measure and analyze the impact of that event. Do you measure the ROI in your events?

In the Creative dots we consider that to achieve transformation it is essential to achieve learnings about people, knowledge, skills and attitude, and that of course, we use it in the design of learning experiences (face-to-face and online).

The design of this experiences is always based on teamwork, collective intelligence and team growth. A clear example is the Meet The Expert product as a co-creation and learning experience; a method designed by TCD.

Last but not least, we consider essential to implement Human Centered strategies in business management to be able to understand what happens every time that an employee, client or partner is in contact with our company. We design processes to analyze the most important moments of interaction and then, establish methods of systemic improvement of the experience. Join the systemic improvement!

We believe that is time to change, it is time to move forward, and these are the four points that define the Creative dots and that can help your company evolve. Do you join TCD revolution?