Before you pack your things and go to enjoy the summer.

Summer vacation 2021 begins ... it is forbidden not to enjoy it!

Someone said that "Every summer has a story" and surely to a greater or lesser extent, we all agree with that statement.

But before you pack your things, disconnect from the routine and go to enjoy this wonderful summer. We wanted to take advantage of and invite you to embark on a trip that makes you rethink and reflect on the development and opportunities of the corporate events strategy.

CES - Corporate Event Strategy

An initial informative pill of the new collaboration between Dragt & Könemann and TCD, who have decided to join forces and knowledge to provide high value data, strategic analysis solutions and human behavior related to the marketing of events in the market and towards the effective and global development of corporate event strategies.

We hope you enjoy it!

And remember..

"On vacation, time flies by. "Squeeze it! Take advantage of the time and enjoy!