Angeles Moreno: We are the heroes of a historic moment

Actualizado: 8 mar 2021

In the photo: Angeles Moreno and Krzysztof Celuch.

We have a clear vision: #TheTimeIsNow has become a catalyst for change for leaders who want to grow, transform customers into fans, employees into associates, and ideas into successful business cases. Angeles Moreno, founder of The Creative Dots, expert in the field of customer experience, behavior design and event design, answers the questions of Krzysztof Celuch in the series "She means business ...".

Krzysztof Celuch : SheMeansBusiness - means ...?

Angeles Moreno : #TheTimeIsNow. Demanding change is more important than ever, and change will not happen if we do not demand equality in society, politics, enterprises and economic sectors. We are the heroes of the historic moment that will determine the course of the economy for the coming decades, and we must not forget that without egalitarian solutions, we will not find creative solutions that will allow us to achieve a better world. She means business means the future, it means equal opportunities for all, and means selection based on talent and not on gender.

KC : The event industry in your eyes in the next 24 months?

AM : First of all, I am very proud of all the professionals in the meetings and events industry in the world for their great resilience. In the next 24 months, I see that a 2-speed recovery will be created. Professionals who know how to design successful events and meetings, regardless of the format, will be the ones who will succeed faster. Those who manage to elevate the conversation to a strategic level within organizations about the impact and ROI of the event communication tool will have a place at the table. The event is a fundamental communication piece for organizations, now more than ever in times of disruptive change.

On the other hand, the industry closely related to tourism will be more impacted until the vaccine takes a positive effect, then gradually we will return to a certain normality. And I say certain normality and not total, because we must not forget that companies have transformed their behavior in this time of social distancing, and they have learned new ways to communicate. And also, environmental awareness will make humans think twice before traveling massively again and that is a change in the industry structure. Hybrid and online events are here to stay, and the eventprofs must work to improve and humanize them in order to be considered a consolidated industry.

For years at The Creative Dots, together with our business partners at the Event Design Collective, we have been promoting a movement to design human-centered events and measure the impact and ROI of the event. Thinking about the "for whom" and the "why" before the "how" has always been our philosophy and #TheTimeIsNow to grow in that direction.

KC : Your business goals and dreams for 2021 ...?

AM : Our mission at The Creative Dots is to equip leaders and organizations, inside-out, to thrive and become change makers.And our business objectives are to continue working intensely in that direction and not only within the events industry but in the multisector.

We have just finished with great success an organizational transformation project, requested by the board of directors, for the largest multinational in the real estate sector, a second project for a leading local government in Spain and a third project for one of the largest hotel chains in the world in its B2B digital & stakeholder engagement strategy.

In the last 12 months we have worked hand in hand with the best companies on their transformation journey. The lessons learned and also the extensive experience in strategy and the design of behavior change have equipped us to have a currently very unique value proposition to provide companies with the ability to face change with a mindset and with tools that will lead them to success.

At The Creative Dots we have a clear vision: #TheTimeIsNow to become the catalysts of change, for industry leaders that want to thrive, convert customers into fans, employees into associates and ideas into successful business cases

KC : Your biggest personal challenge in the coming months is ...

AM : 3 big personal / professional challenges on my plate right now: I am working intensively on a new partnership that will add extraordinary value to my existing company, additionally I am very much involved in 3 nonprofit projects to elevate female voice (She Means Community, Female Leadership in Event Strategy and Women in Digital Switzerland) and last but not least I am finalizing the launch of the certificate program “LoT | Leaders of Transformation” that will be open before summer 2021.

And on a personal level I continue to enjoy my family, see my children grow up happy and adapt to our new life in the countryside since we have just moved from home and we no longer live in the city. I have overcome a very difficult year 2020 and I only hope to enjoy this new normal with enthusiasm.

Angeles Moreno, founder of The Creative Dots, expert in the field of customer experience, behavior design and event design

She has over 20 years of professional experience, 18 years as an entrepreneur, and 16 years of her own event company. She is a regular speaker at events on women's empowerment, organizational change and experience design. In recent years, most of her time has been devoted to her passion: strategic consulting.

Her constant search for opportunities for further development and learning made her specialize in customer experience and human centered & behavior design and opened a specialist consulting company the Creative dots (TCD), which has offices in Madrid and Berlin. TCD, specializing in designing people-centric solutions, learning and transformative experiences, has developed its own method: the CX Design Playbook.

Design regularly collaborates with industry organizations around the world. She was a senior advisor for Europe at Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Recently, she became a strategic advisor to the organization Women in Digital Switzerland. The author of The Time Is Now. He is the Spanish director of Event Design Collective, implementing the Event Canvas ™ methodology through training and consulting services.

Dr. Krzysztof Celuch - assistant professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and the rector's plenipotentiary for cooperation with the business environment at the Vistula School of Tourism and Hotel Management in Warsaw, president of Celuch Consulting. Professor at universities in Austria, France, USA and China, trainer and coach (CMM, CITE, CIS, HMCC, CED).

Chairman of the MP Power Awards ® jury and member of the MPI RISE Award jury (USA). He specializes in the meetings industry, leadership, event marketing and event management. Krzysztof helps organizations, institutions and enterprises in the areas of management, communication and business design, in particular with regard to building a competitive advantage and the meetings industry.

The series Celuch asks ... She means business ... Krzysztof Celuch is in talks with representatives of the international meetings market, who have achieved success in their often very specialized sectors of the industry. What is their strategy and what are their business values? What are the biggest challenges? What is the industry in their eyes? What their specialization influences the market development. Celuch asks… She means business - first Tuesday of the month