REthink and REstart the events industry

Some days ago, our director Angeles Moreno, enjoyed talking with Irina Graf doing an interview for TheMICEBlog and we would like to share with the tCdFans the most important points.


They talk about the changes in events, about the pandemic COVID19 that changed everyone's life, but also, about the Creative dots history. This interview shows a part of tCd history, as every step helped to bring us where we are now. the Creative dots appeared three years ago, and is also the third company that Angeles has built, she says that entrepreneurship is in her DNA.


The company appeared just one week after finishing her previous business - The best we can do, is start moving as soon as possible, not just disappear and then come back”, she says.


It has been an incredible pathway, but again living a crisis. In her previous company, during 2008/9, the national clients disappeared as the financial crisis and since that moment, we have been focusing on international clients. “In this crisis we have two new ingredients - uncertainty and distance. In 2008/9, the biggest problem was a lack of money”. So, we have to treat the situation in a different way. At the moment, events companies are suffering, as in events we are used to bring people together, and now we can’t. But we believe that it’s time to REthink and REstart, it’s time to create an events industry.

If we want to keep an excellent MICE customer management we need “a lot of active listening, a lot of empathy, understanding what the MICE customer needs to decide. Agile thinking and making decisions fast”, and that’s how we work in tCd. “In uncertain times it is important to be very agile business models, being able to pivot easily, listening to the world and being ready before problems come.” And more than ever, we need to be very human centric; we need to create a lot of value for humans. It must be very customer-focused, strategic thinking.

If you want to enjoy the complete interview, you can see it in this link



The Business of Meetings Podcast hosted by Eric rozenberg

Today, we have the great pleasure of speaking to Angeles Moreno, the founder of the specialist consulting firm, The Creative Dots. Angeles is a spirited entrepreneur, and she has had some tremendous experiences that include losing her company to her partner and writing a book about it.

She is joining us today to talk about her journey, the importance of women’s empowerment, how women should get empowered, how to interact with people, and what it means to be an event manager, either face-to-face or in the online space. We hope you will enjoy today’s conversation as much as we did!

  • “I decided to write my book because I thought the story that I went through in 2014 could help a lot of people.” 

  • “There are a lot of different elements that need to change- culture and education.”

  • “The Covid era right now is a huge opportunity to make strong changes.”

  • “If an event is very inclusive in its messages, in the participants, in the people, in the speakers, I think it’s incredible as an example.”

  • “We need to start the change with the little children at school.”

  • “There are very strong decisions that you need to make to continue with your professional career once you’re a mom.”

  • “We are below 30% of females in board positions across the world, and that’s supercritical!”


find more about the interview here


En #TicTacMeeting organizado por el Tenerife Convention Bureau , planteamos nuestra visión sobre el sector de los eventos y la metodología que aplicamos en todos nuestros proyectos.

​El evento es una herramienta de comunicación en vivo, con una gran influencia en el comportamiento humano, y para conseguir #transformación, es imprescindible invertir el tiempo necesario en el diseño de la estrategia.

En #TCD consideramos que...

- El evento debe ser estratégico y tener unos claros y medibles aprendizajes diseñados para los stakeholders (Personas · Conocimiento · Habilidades · Actitud).

- Es imprescindible establecer objetivos y medir el cambio y la transformación.

- El evento debe dejar un legado positivo en el destino.

No te pierdas la ponencia de Angeles Moreno 

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