The strategic value of Events

Yesterday our CEO, Ángeles Moreno, spoke about the design of Strategic Events in the third edition of Event Lab; an Event, organized by Asoeventos, which brings together professionals, organizers and suppliers of the events industry in Colombia.

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"The differential factor of innovation lies in the capacity we have to convert data into useful information that facilitates decision making to provide value to the client of meeting & events, and surprise him. This is the starting point of the strategic design of events: the knowledge of key stakeholders", said Ángeles Moreno, international expert in the strategic design of events and in Customer Experience within the Industry.

Ángeles Moreno shared with the attendees her vision of the event as a strategic and impact tool; and the importance of dedicating time to a previous design phase through innovation methodologies and tools.

Below we share with you some of the key concepts that all event designers and organizers need to take into account:

- Purpose: Before moving on to planning and execution, we need to analyse and design the event focusing on the "why" and the "what for". The main objective of the event should be to change the behaviour of your stakeholders. When designing and organizing events we must apply the formulas offered by the market, whether through technology, gastronomy, gamification, decoration, content, format or a long etcetera. Success will consist in integrating all these formulas in a coherent way with the objective of the event.

- Empathy: it is fundamental in the design of the experience. Empathy is defined as the ability to identify the emotional need of the client, understand the reasons behind that need and respond to it effectively Take into consideration that not all attendees and other participants in the value chain are the same, hence the event organizer has to analyse the needs from the micro segmentation of its target audience to create a personalized experience.


The strategic design of events allows us to know beforehand what has to happen and establish performance measurement indicators in the events. In this way, the event becomes the most effective strategic channel for companies.

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