The event in the organization: a place for internal customer loyalty

Yesterday, the 1st edition of the Internal Customer Forum took place, organized by the “Asociación de Marketing de España” and “DCH (Organización Internacional de Directivos de Capital Humano)”, in which the Creative dots was a collaborating entity.

A meeting point between HR directors and Marketing directors, with the presence of great professionals such as Rafael Garavito from Universum, Nacho Torre Solá from Ibercaja, Ángeles Moreno from the Creative dots, Rafael Perez-Tejada from Campofrio Food Group and Juan Mª de Mora Narváez from Cabify, Sergio Guillermo Delgado from Mahou San Miguel y Margarita Álvarez de Zabalza from Forbes, who exchanged good practices and success cases for internal talent.

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We live in a context of cultural and digital transformation in companies, which have the focus on the new needs of their customers to satisfy them in the most successful way, but also face the challenge of loyalty within their internal talent, which is their other customer, in a context where the sense of belonging to a company is less and less. Our internal clients also have new needs and motivations. And the task of satisfying them has become a real challenge.

How can Marketing and Human Resources work in the same direction to keep their internal talent? The two departments are not as different as they seem. In both cases, communication is the key to success.

An internal conference, a team meeting, a job interview or a Christmas dinner are internal events aimed at communicating values, informing about changes in the company or motivating workers. Can a team meeting be similar to the experience generated by a dinner between friends?

For the Creative dots the answer is yes. Our CEO Ángeles Moreno shared with the attendees of the 1st edition of the Internal Customer Forum the strategic vision of the Event as a tool for effective communication and loyalty.

"The event is not only a creative formula, it is also a strategic channel. The Event is the most effective strategic communication tool with the greatest impact, and the key to guaranteeing its success lies in the application of Innovation Methodologies for its design, organization and execution, always focused on the Experience of our internal client", said Ángeles Moreno.

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The design of this Experience must be based on a deep knowledge of the internal client; the organizers must recognize and empathize with the needs of the participants, starting with the basic requirements, such as the absence of time, and from there up the pyramid and understand the deepest needs of self-realization (development of personal potential) considered as "the highest level" of needs.

This analysis will allow us to define the transformation of behaviour that we want to generate, without forgetting that it has to be built on the needs and expectations of the stakeholder and on the objective of the event: "Why and what for should be the key questions to be asked before designing an employee centric event. We have to identify the purpose of the event for each stakeholder group and thus identify the transformation of behaviour that we seek to activate through the event," said Ángeles Moreno.

The strategic design of events allows us to know beforehand what has to happen and establish performance measurement indicators in the events. In this way, the event becomes a place for dialogue and employee empowerment, in other words, co-creation and loyalty:

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"There is a cultural gap in most of the companies that conceive the internal event as an obligatory meeting in which it is necessary to participate. We have to co-design participatory events that achieve the behaviour change established as an indicator of success of the event", concluded Ángeles Moreno.

In the current context, organizations have to accept the paradigm shift (talent, processes, internal culture and technology) and implement actions that overcome resistance and involve people through "live" communication.

From the Creative dots we would like to thank all Marketing and Human Resources professionals for their participation in this first edition of the Internal Client Forum, a meeting aimed at building bridges of knowledge for excellent internal talent management.

Esther Franco