New edition Meet the Expert: the Creative dots focuses again on trends within the event sector

Not long ago, event professionals realised that our sector was very focused on logistics and that we needed to be more strategic.

Events are the communication and marketing tool with the greatest impact and influence; and many companies are immersed in a process of elevating the event from the logistical to the strategic level (from expenditure to investment) and to show the real value of the event to transform the behaviour of stakeholders and generate a positive impact on business objectives.

It is necessary to use Tools and Innovation Methodologies to establish a strategic context around the development, planning and design of events, always focused on generating a satisfactory experience to all stakeholders involved.

At the Creative dots we co-create spaces and working methods with professionals in the sector to improve the how, why, form and content of the design, organization and management of events. And with this same mission we created Meet the Expert, which will celebrate its third edition in Madrid next October 30th.

The ROI and the Customer Satisfactory Experience of events: two sides of the same coin.

The first question we asked ourselves during our first edition of Meet the Expert was "What's behind the data we collect at an event?. Hand in hand with Elling Hamso, the pioneer of the Event ROI Methodology, attendees discovered the qualitative and quantitative KPIs that can be measured by setting targets and measuring results at six levels.

"The ROI Methodology and its application in the planning of events and meetings, aims to design events with a strategic value to obtain the best possible result expected of it, aligned with the business objectives of the company.” Read more about Meet the Expert #1

Meet the Expert #1. Elling Hamso.

Meet the Expert #1. Elling Hamso.

Meet the Expert #2: Applying #Storytelling to the strategic design of meetings and events.

The second edition of these events was conducted by international expert Dennis Luijer, Story Engagement Engineer of the Event Design Collective.

Dennis Luijer insisted on the importance of storytelling to make ideas tangible and establish a common co-creation space for the design of the event between the event owner and the event planner; making the history of the event visible and tracing the experiential steps necessary to achieve the objective of the event. Through visual language, it is possible to minimize risks and obtain greater profitability.

 "How do we tell the story of our event? How do we involve all stakeholders in its design? How do we generate the behavioural transformation we desire?" Read more about Meet the Expert #2

Meet the Expert #2. Dennis Luijer.

Meet the Expert #2. Dennis Luijer.

Meet the Expert #3: Strategic design of a sustainable event, with Claudia van’t Hullenaar, international expert and founder of Sustained Impact.

Leading companies have integrated Sustainable Development into their business strategy and are developing products and services that contribute to a positive environmental, economic and social impact.

Considering the economic, ecological and social impact, the events must be considered from the perspective of Sustainable Development.

We invite you to discover tools and best practices to design sustainable and efficient events that respond to the new motivations of attendees and other stakeholders, who increasingly demand a firm commitment from professionals when designing and organizing meetings and events.

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October 30th in Madrid (location TBC) | 9:30h to 13:30h

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