What are the benefits of a unified MICE customer point of view for Only You Hotels' Customer Experience Strategy?

We have answered this question during a 2-day MICE Excellent Customer Management Training Project.

the Creative dots team has given a tCd Masterclass in the framework of #YOUniversity, Only YOU Hotels' platform for training, knowledge exchange and innovation.

A differential, profitable and sustainable Customer Experience must be designed based on 3 pillars: the development of skills such as empathy, active listening and behaviour observation and the generation of value for each type of customer including the design of a personalised experience.

Only organizations that work on their Customer Experience will be competitive and efficient.


Through the tCd Assessment tool of the tCd Methodology, we carry out an analysis of the type of event client (Empathy Map) and build a Value Proposition. The Culture of Excellent Service Delivery implies that all processes must be thought of and oriented towards a single end result: to improve the Customer Experience. In order to do this, the client must be placed at the centre of decision-making, analysing each point of interaction through the Customer Journey Map.

the Creative dots worked with the teams, the Excellence in MICE Customer Management: People, Creativity and Processes.


Customer Experience is the product of the co-creation of all departments. For this reason, after working with the Hotel Management, we involved, always based on a collaborative approach, the Team responsible for managing the Customer Experience of Events in an ad-hoc Masterclass.

This tCd Masterclass revolved around three concepts: people, procedures and innovation. The tCd team informed and trained the team on efficient procedures in their management and on trends within the industry in order to continue to drive continuous improvement.

From the Creative dots team, we would like to thank the Only You Hotels Team for their involvement in this journey towards Excellence.