Human Centric Events Industry. Trends 2019 by tCd Part 2

Second part of the post on Trends that the Creative dots published last week on the second anniversary.

At the Creative dots we are convinced that 2019 will be a key year for the consolidation of design thinking applied to events: designing transforming experiences is and will be the key to success.

Trends 2019 _ the Creative dots.png


STRATEGIC EVENT DESIGN: The time has come to justify the strategic value of events. Suppliers and event organizers are in the process of transforming their Congresses/Reunions and Events departments with the final objective of turning them into a strategic partner, involved during the process of defining events and providing a differentiating value beyond the logistical execution of the event. The final objective is to elevate the event to a strategic tool that helps the company achieve its business objectives.

Strategic meetings based on defined objectives that prioritize attendee experience and adopt technology will continue to elevate meetings as a business tool.

CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP: Knowing to whom and where to direct the action and message, and analysing each point of interaction with the attendee means anticipating their needs and knowing where the greatest return on investment can be found. Therefore, it is vital to implement the Customer Journey Map as an event design tool.

SUSTAINABILITY: It's becoming more and more of a reality. Event design involves thinking which resources are really needed as opposed to those that are used without thinking about whether or not they improve the experience of the attendee. Recycling, reducing and reusing are the tips to take into account when designing and organizing meeting and events.

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