tCd Diary - January

We have ended 2018 with more than 15 consulting projects executed with our tCd Methodology, working hand in hand with national and international companies, hotels, venues, event agencies, destinations, convention centres, fair organizers, etc... focusing on continuous improvement of procedures and Customer Experience.

And with more than 40 new Event Designers, trained with the Event Canvas Methodology. Last year more than 5 Spanish companies successfully implemented Event Canvas as a method to design their event strategy.

We start 2019 with new projects, a roadshow with #EventCanvas and new editions of our Meet the Expert by tCd series of events. We tell you about it in this post:

Workshop Event Canvas

Patrocinio_Event Canvas Barcelona 11 dic (1).png

First stop Madrid, next February 26th. Registration is open. Do not miss the opportunity to discover Event Canvas, the Innovation Methodology that is revolutionizing the way to create transformative experiences.

This tool, based on Design Thinking, allows you to design the event from a 360° perspective to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, analysing their input behaviour and the transformation of the output behaviour to generate.

The result is an event strategically designed to create value for all stakeholders. In short, more optimized resources and more profitable and efficient events.

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MEET THE EXPERT #2 by tCd (2).png

Meet the Expert #2 by tCd.

In December we launched Meet the Expert by tCd, a series of events designed with the Event Canvas Methodology and organized by the Creative dots for our community of Event Designers and tCd fans, eager to innovate within their corporate event strategy.

We already have date for the second edition: March 12, and an international expert: Dennis Luijer, Visual Thinker.

During coming days we will share more information about this Meeting.

tCd Methodology

The tCd Methodology activates four phases (called Dots) that involve a situation analysis and the design of a Differential Value Proposal, the improvement, design and implementation of Customer Centric procedures and the identification of internal talent to work on the development of their skills and competencies to ensure a satisfactory Customer Experience aligned with the business objectives of the company.

The Customer Experience is the product of the co-creation of all departments. For this reason, the tCd Methodology is transversal to the whole company and involves, with a collaborative approach, the Team responsible for the Management of its Customer Events in an ad-hoc tCd Masterclass that informs and trains talent on efficient procedures in their management and on trends within the industry in order to continue promoting continuous improvement.

This year the tCd Methodology will continue to work with corporate and event providers, activating agile thinking and implementing an excellent management method with a focus on generating a satisfying Customer Experience.