Strategic events: memorable, authentic and unique

Where is the differentiation when in an event the technology and the commercial offer are easily imitable? The answer is in the design of strategic events through innovation methodologies, which elevate the logistic project event to strategic, and minimize the degree of uncertainty and potential risks.

We are at that moment in our industry where it is not enough to plan events, you have to create experiences and, for this, it is necessary for companies to innovate in the design of events and develop skills to be able to offer them: you have to think about generating emotions that transcend the basic service, create personalized experiences of the highest quality, that contribute to consolidate sustainable competitive advantages and generate lasting bonds of trust with stakeholders.

The event is a strategic face-to-face communication tool, which seeks to transform the behaviour of the stakeholders and increase the commitment to the brand. The event generates valuable content, transmits values, humanizes the company and establishes connections between clients.

To achieve this, the event has to be considered, within the Organization, as a strategic communication channel, which requires a deep knowledge of the stakeholders (in order to provide an excellent service, aligned with their expectations, which creates bonds allowing economies of scale) and the business objectives of the company...

... and for this we must create a common language between the Event Owner and the Event Planner.

The strategic design of the event involves working on the Customer Experience. There is a clear relation between a good Customer Experience and the increase in revenue for the event organizers: we measure the profitability of a differential experience. The strategic event requires identifying the KPIs in the design phase to be able to work on the measurement of results before, during and after, in order to avoid unnecessary costs and build a History that allows learning and improving, edition by edition.

Guaranteeing an optimal experience for all stakeholders and generating value with the event should be the main motivations of the professionals in our sector.

New edition!

New edition!