Diary tCd - July and August 2018

July arrives, summer is here and the Creative dots has very good news!

tCd is trend!

On June 29th, the Creative dots was recognized as the most innovative entrepreneurial project within the event industry in Spain by AEVEA & CO.

And, with all our enthusiasm, we went to the 3rd edition of AEVEA & CO, the great global meeting of Associated Spanish Event Agencies, under the motto #SomosEventos.

Get to know all the details of this great day for the tCd team and for the events industry in these two post:

#SomosEventos, a conference of inspiration and knowledge for professionals of the sector. 

One more milestone on the road to Excellence.

#Meetica: the annual convention of MPI Italy Chapter

From July 6th to 8th, MPI Italia Chapter held Meetica, its annual convention, a meeting for professionals of the sector, who have enjoyed different sessions of knowledge.

Angeles Moreno, Chair of the European Advisory Council and Director of the Event Design Collective Spain, led the session "Event Design using Event Canvas", highlighting, once again, the strategic design of events to create memorable experiences and generate real value.

 The biopharmaceutical sector: innovating in the strategic design of events.

This month, an American biopharmaceutical company, based in Madrid, starts a consultancy project using the innovative Methodology Event Canvas, led by Angeles Moreno, Director of the Event Design Collective in Spain.

The objective of this project is to transform its Conferences & Events department into a strategic partner, integrated into the process of defining events and providing a differentiating value beyond the logistical execution of the event.

"Creative innovation: process to excite the client with something new".

The work of the tCd team is based on continuous improvement. Therefore, this summer we are working on the development of innovation methodologies, such as our tCd Methodology: new procedures and tools, more agile and efficient, so that professionals in the events sector activate and promote innovation within their companies.

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