At the beginning of June, MPI celebrated the World Education Congress (#WEC18), its main event, which provides education, business and first class networking opportunities for professionals in the meetings & events sector.

Angeles Moreno, Director of the Event Design Collective in Spain, together with all the members of Event Design Collective, were "building" the # WEC2018 experience. 4 intense days that have meant for our founder a source of inspiration and motivation, which she shared with the Creative Dots team.

Let's start with the place where it was held #WEC18: Indianapolis, the number one convention city in the USA, becoming the perfect host for this meeting between professionals.

#WEC18 was "redesigned for maximum experience" by MPI through the Event Canvas Methodology: "Back from Indianapolis I reviewed the event we designed last August in Amsterdam and identified many of the planned touchpoints. And that seems spectacular to me. We must continue to design measurable experiences for the impact we want to achieve and not simply organize entertainment”, says Angeles Moreno.

And under the motto: "Stop planning meetings. Start designing Experiences" the curtain was opened to more than 2,200 attendees representing more than 35 countries around the world. Steve Connell was in charge of welcoming all attendees during the opening act, which hand in hand with his speech and the scenography, invited to the inspiration. Some very remarkable sentences he used: "How can we do something unexpected?", "Let the experience of each day inspire you to find new ways to design experience, new ways to experience design. I'm an artist and, whether you know it or not, you too."

#WEC18 Villages took the education out of the rooms and created an open and interactive environment that fostered a greater exchange of knowledge and more connections. Leadership, Experience and Innovation were the main topics of conversation.

"The members of the Event Design Collective had the opportunity to do six live design sprints from the perspective of 4 stakeholders for WEC 2022."


Each session and point of the program was aimed at inviting attendees to rethink the way they work and plan their events as well as load their suitcase with new ideas and with the latest trends in the Sector: "Exciting, how much and how well you can evolve in the events sector!", said Angeles Moreno, as soon as she opened the door of the tCd office.

"One of the on-site projects was to collect the memories of all WEC participants since 1992. Experiences are constructed and remembered. They have to be memorable."

Encounters like # WEC18 reaffirm the need to implement CUSTOMER CENTRIC methodologies to create experiences that impact the memory of the participants and achieve a behaviour change that generates results. In the end, methodologies that activate and accelerate innovation in the events sector. This way, we elevate the design of the event to a strategic level, generating valuable and sustainable events.

All the team of the Creative dots is motivated based on all the ideas that have arrived in the suitcase of Angeles Moreno and we continue working to achieve Excellence in the events sector.

See you next year WEC!