The pharmaceutical sector: innovating in the strategic design of events.

An American biopharmaceutical company starts, based in Madrid, a consultancy project based on the innovative Methodology Event Canvas, led by Angeles Moreno, Director of the Event Design Collective in Spain.

The project begins with an audit to analyze the areas of improvement and after immersing ourselves in those areas, we will initiate the path towards a transformation process of the Congresses and Events department, through different in company sessions. The goal is converting this department into a strategic partner, integrated into the process of defining events and providing a differentiating value beyond the logistical execution of the event.

#EventCanvas helps organizations and / or companies to co-create strategic events with value for all stakeholders, designed based on a clear structure and a common language.

The Methodology employs a variety of visual thinking techniques, including empathy maps, search for value propositions, ROI methodology, recognition of the business model, monitoring of the design of services and modelling of the didactic design.

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