tCd Diary - June 2018

Indianapolis (USA), Madrid, Bilbao, Burgos ... the Creative dots team around the world this month of June...

World Education Congress (#WEC18): redesigned for maximum experience.

From June 2nd to 5th, our founder Ángeles Moreno, director of the Event Design Collective in Spain, has been in Indianapolis, together with all members of the Event Design Collective, "building" the World Education Congress experience.

WEC18 is a programme of education and participation in an open and interactive environment  completely redesigned  by the team at MPI using  the  Event  Canvas  Methodology.  We will find out all details about this professional meeting thanks to Ángeles Moreno, who will share with us her WEC18 experience in this blog.

Workshop #EventCanvas

the Creative dots organizes an Event Canvas™ workshop on June 21st in Madrid, lecture given by Ángeles Moreno, being the only certified official expert in Spain, by the Event Design Collective.

8 hours of experiences discovering a tool for designing, creating prototypes and documenting events, through dynamics and innovative methods for learning.

Do you want to be part of the Event Designer movement?
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#IMFBasqueCountry: European Buyers

Iberian Mice Forums organizes professional Meeting Forums in different regions of Spain and Portugal, bringing together meetings & events suppliers from the host destination of the event, with top meeting planners, corporate and associations from key markets across Europe. 

At the end of June we have an appointment in San Sebastian; the Creative dots will lead a session with the title "Strategic design of events as part of the Customer Experience".


And Customer Experience is also one of the hot topics in the annual congress organised by the Association of Spain’s Congress Palaces, from June 27th to 29th, in the city of Burgos.

What are the needs and trends of the events sector? What does the client require? How can we understand their needs and generate satisfied customers? These and other topics of interest will be the focus of this presentation led by the Creative dots.

Clients want to live experiences when attending an event. In order to attract and satisfy the right audience, we need to insert our Events within the Customer Experience Strategy and design personalized Experiences.

"Every event feels like a train without brakes, which will happen regardless of whether we are ready or not."