the Creative dots & Impact Hub Madrid: a new milestone on the path towards Excellence

Last Thursday, the Creative dots & Impact Hub Madrid celebrated a gathering for event professionals, in which we discovered an innovative tool for the development of an influential strategy in order to effectively achieve the purpose of events.

In addition, this session took place in one of the new spaces Impact Hub Madrid has to offer, in particular within its recently inaugurated building in Piamonte 23, a very lively space, sustainable and inspiring.

Tamara Kreisler, Angeles Moreno and Natalia Gironella. 

Tamara Kreisler, Angeles Moreno and Natalia Gironella. 

This session is part of a consultancy and training project between Impact Hub Madrid and tCd that started last autumn, using our tCd Methodology. Ángeles Moreno stated at the opening of the session: “Our goal was to elevate their Customer Experience (CUX) to an excellence level and build an efficient Event Management with wider return on loyalty, differentiation and competitive advantage”.

The professionals of the sector have to develop innovation methodologies aimed at implementing procedures of excellence and continuous improvement in the relationship of companies with their customers through events.

We can’t divert attention from the user experience:
Events are and generate experiences, causing behaviour changes.

The DISC Methodology is a tool that studies the natural behaviour of people in different situations. This and other innovation methodologies are revolutionizing worldwide, the organization of events: What is the temperament of our stakeholders?

With the help of Natalia Gironella, expert communication consultant and professor at I.E. Business School, we approached a tool with which we can identify the profile of our stakeholders, knowing their temperament and non-verbal communication. Through this methodology, the strategic management in all the steps of the event is adapted to the needs of each of the stakeholders.

Natalia Gironella replied to the question of one of the attendees: "the profile of an event organizer corresponds to the neocortical profile. He is conscientious and puts the focus on people". Innovation methodologies, such as our tCd Methodology, must be based on empathy, a determining factor in the success of the strategic design of an event.


There isn’t an event typology for each stakeholder profile: each of them have different ways of conceiving the event. It is at this point that two key skills come into play: creativity and flexibility. Developing these two, along with empathy, facilitates a dialogue between the brand and the stakeholders through a common language that guarantees success and a positive impact of the event.

We don’t want to end without thanking Impact Hub Madrid for showing us an inspiring space; Natalia Gironella for the dynamic and exciting talk and Pleneat, a 100% organic catering, who served us fantastic food. And last but not least, thanks to all the professionals attending events.

A pleasure to share this experience with all of you!

We leave you one of the phrases that we liked most about the session:

"Focus on the other and you'll remain in their cortex."