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In the office we are still “floating” with the success of the Event Canvas Workshop that took place at Impact Hub Madrid Piamonte, last Thursday, June 21st. 

During 1 day, twelve professionals within the sector, activated their "think Out Of the Box" mode and were seduced by the Event Canvas Methodology, immersing themselves in it through Angeles Moreno, Director of the Event Design Collective in Spain and founder of the Creative dots.


Based on a real case - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid - they put into practice each of the phases of this Methodology: identification, selection and qualification of stakeholders, empathy map ... and they had the opportunity to analyze how to generate value for the event. In the afternoon, two teams worked on the Case Study: Sol Independence Day, presenting at the end of the exercise, two prototypes for the event.

We have all asked ourselves at some point what a strategic event is and how to create value through it.

Event Canvas facilitates professionals of the sector the cro-creation of strategic events with value for the brand, designed on the basis of a clear structure, centred on the stakeholders as well as establishing a common language between the departments involved.

The Methodology is a staging to enhance creativity and innovation within the sector, as it employs a variety of visual thinking techniques, including empathy maps, search for value propositions, ROI methodology, recognition of the business model, monitoring of the design of services and modelling of the didactic design.

At the Creative dots we dream of leaving an inspiring and memorable legacy in the strategic design of events.

At the Creative dots we dream of leaving an inspiring and memorable legacy in the strategic design of events.

We invited the participants to the Workshop to share, from their cero moment of this Experience, their impressions, opinions and comments through the Experience Fellow tool.

These have been the TOP moments of our #EventCanvas Customer Journey:

The familiarity of our #tCdEquipo
The welcome kit. The details build everything!
Passion: Angeles Moreno, empathy in its purest form.

We cannot finish this post without thanking, once again, all the #EventDesigners for having shared their experience and knowledge with #tCdTeam.

One step further into innovation within the events sector!


And what about you, are you in #Innovation mode? If the answer is yes, contact us: