Legacy, which is yours?

Today we dedicate this article to one of IMEX 2018 Frankfurt talking points: the legacy. the Creative dots led the session "How to leave your legacy in the industry of events?". For this, we asked ourselves five questions focused on the events sector, such as “What do you exactly leave unique to next generations?” or “Are you building a legacy through social networks?”

We defined the keys to create a personal brand that different event professionals would like to leave behind in this sector. 

Before you continue reading, think for a few minutes: Would you like the industry to know you?

"The future depends on what you do today", Gandhi

The personal brand is essential to any legacy, both on a private as well as professional level. It is not created overnight. A solid personal brand requires time and an initial analysis: WEAKNESSES, THREATS, STRENGTHS and OPPORTUNITIES.

The event industry is a relatively new sector, in constant growth, which requires flexibility and adaptability to change. When creating a personal brand, it is essential to define the objectives, find your target, build your elevator pitch and analyse your resources. The last step is simple, make yourself known to the world!

Knowledge and experience are key elements for the development of the professional legacy. Spend a few minutes thinking about these and how they can both be points of reference in future generations.

"You cannot exhaust creativity. The more you use it, the more you have it", Maya Angelou

And Maya Angelou also said: "Talent is like electricity. We do not understand electricity though we use it". Develop your talent and creativity to impact on your daily work and execute successful projects that will be remembered as milestones in the industry.

Work this two concepts every day, turn them into a productive habit. Paper and pen is the only thing you need to put your ideas to work.

Throughout this process, social networks play the role of transmitters of knowledge. Your professional social networks are a very powerful tool which allows you to gain notoriety and engagement. Share your knowledge and experience, interact and engage with your followers, sharing with them your talent and creativity. Leave a mark on the network and convert your publications into trends.

"A legacy is to lead a new way of doing or thinking, even working, which results in an improvement of people’s professional life", Angeles Moreno

It is very important that you turn the professional legacy into a strategic objective for your company. If you work with innovation and creativity, as well as manage talent, your projects will have an impact on the design of your events and they will be attractive and inspiring with long-lasting positive results. 

As we have mentioned earlier, the events industry is a relatively new sector in constant growth and development, hence there are no great legacies in its trajectory, as is the case in other disciplines or sectors.

In the last post of this blog, our CEO Ángeles Moreno wrote: ”the Creative dots is happy to confirm that Excellence is the legacy which we want to leave in the events sector. We direct our mission every day towards this goal, through the implementation and development of innovation methodologies such as the tCd Methodology”.



"It always seems impossible until it's done", Nelson Mandela

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