IMEX 2018 Frankfurt by Angeles Moreno

IMEX 18 Frankfurt, the great opportunity to learn, connect and evolve

Last week IMEX 2018, one of the great annual international forums of the MICE sector, was celebrated in Frankfurt.

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group stated before the exhibition: “A market showing solid growth and inspiring innovation; those will be the outstanding impressions that buyers will take away from IMEX in Frankfurt this year.”

It is an undeniable reality; the MICE sector has a greater positive impact every year on the economies of the countries and, therefore, the business tourism offer of the Convention Bureau increases. In addition, their proposals are more developed to position themselves as destinations for professional meetings in Europe.

It is encouraging to see how company leaders value that this sector is a key segment which contributes to the development of the economy. They announce communications to highlight the professional role that the industry of meetings and events plays in their country; just as the Canadian leader did in the past celebration of the GMID.

The MICE industry is very strong and professional, and it has a great global economic impact

The exhibition started the day before with EduMonday, a program dedicated to professional education that was held under the motto "Immersive, inspiring and free professional development". During this conference, the experts had the opportunity to explore different perspectives and new ideas, using innovative and pioneering learning methods.

The attendees enjoyed immersive sessions on Event Canvas™ . Event Canvas™ is the most cutting-edge event design tool that exists at this moment in our industry.

The celebration of this day emphasizes the training, innovation and professional development that this industry, which it in constant growth, demands. It is opportunity for event professionals to redefine the way we do business.

IMEX 2018 reflects an inspiring innovation in the events and meetings sector

Innovation is the path that professionals in the sector have to follow in order to achieve recognition and high professionalization of this industry. the Creative Dots team directs its mission every day towards this goal in order to develop innovation methodologies and its tCd Methodology, and to implement excellence and efficiency procedures in the management of events for its clients.

Today, from the tCd team, we can say that Excellence is the legacy we want to leave in this industry. We spoke about legacy, which was hot topic this year, at the exhibition.

The legacy, the IMEX 2018 Talking Point

Innovation, learning, creativity and real experience were found in Inspiration Hub, a meeting point that provided the opportunity to access the future of events. In this space, I was invited to speak about legacy in a session in which we touched on key points such as “What’s your personal legacy to this industry?” “What do you exactly leave unique to next generations?” or “Are you building a social media legacy?”

It was a fluent conversation which allowed us to define the keys to build the personal brand that different event professionals want to leave in this sector.


I don´t want to end this publication without applauding the initiative of IMEX 2018 She Means Business, which celebrated and debated the role of women in our industry.

From the Creative dots we will continue working with determination to develop of well-deserved recognition of this powerful and attractive industry.

Finally, I reaffirm what I already expressed in my social network profiles: #IMEX18 never disappoints!

See you at the show next year!

Ángeles Moreno