MICE talent is born

An ally for the identification and development of talent in the events industry: MICE talent

Madrid April 19, 2018- Grupo Facthum and the Creative Dots launch MICE talent: a company specialized in the talent selection and development within the MICE sector. Its goal is to help companies reach excellence levels in their job execution.

The events sector has a growth boom that is estimated to be more than 5% in 2017, with an economic impact of more than six billion euros. Very specific skills are required to be a good professional to deliver meetings & events at the highest level and excellence. MICE talent main objective is to help companies identify, select and develop that talent.

The services provided by MICE talent are, on one hand, the selection of highly specialized professionals from the MICE sector and, on the other hand, the evaluation of internal and external talent, training people to add value to organizations allowing them to develop their full talent. This takes the form of talent identification plans and training plans linked to these people, providing them with tools so that they can deliver their full potential.

Facthum: International consulting group, of Spanish origin, specialized in Human Factor. They develop their services through four specialized divisions: learning and development, evaluation and measurement, HR consulting and HR Tech. They are oriented to provide services to large and international companies. They deploy projects internationally in Europe, Latin America, the United States, Africa and Asia.

the Creative dots: Specialized consultant in the events and meetings sector. Our mission is to analyze the procedures in Events management, to evolve them by fostering Customer Experience through our own tCd Methodology, and to implement processes that help your teams to be Innovative and Excellent. In the Creative dots we are leaders in innovation within the Meetings & Events sector, positioning ourselves as the only company in Spain certified by Event Design Collective, offering consultancy and training in Strategic Event Design Methodologies using the Event Canvas ™.

Contact: Angeles Moreno &/or Isabel Bautista

comunicacion@micetalent.com | micetalent.com

Ángeles Moreno