The importancy of DATA in Events

How important is data nowadays, right? That is what Axel Gasulla, from Domestic Data Streamers, told us on Wednesday March 21st, during the event MIS 2018.

The success of any action lies in knowing what or who we are facing, and this we cannot do without information. What data is needed and how to collect it become difficult questions that need answers, especially in the events sector.

The need for data is present throughout the whole event process:

Prior to the event...

To carry out a successful event design, we must identify which are our main stakeholders and analyze their entering behavior to the event. With this information, we can strategically design an event to meet the expectations of those people or institutions that are key to us.

During the event…

Here, obtaining data is vital in order for us to know if we are achieving our goals. The perception and satisfaction with the event varies depending on your role within it.


How do we obtain data?

Domestic Data Streamers are experts in visually obtaining data from the participants, betting on the analog version and merging art with the participant’s experience. Without doubt, his presentation did not leave anyone indifferent, and he showed us how this data can give us very interesting information about our participant’s profile.

But, how do we obtain data from our stakeholders?

In tCd we work the knowledge of the event from inside, based on a direct report from a selection of main stakeholders. Through an exclusive app for the event, we collect data not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively, which allows us to deepen into the happenings and incidentals that arise during the event, being able to analyze in detail the experience of the event.

This is our Baseline service, pure innovation from the Event Design Collective.

After the event...

Has our event been a success? Have we achieved our goals? These are the questions that we must always ask ourselves after an event ... To be able to give an answer to this, it is essential to previously have established certain KPIs that measure the impact of our event in different levels and periods of time, and we must not forget that the ROI goes beyond an economic variable.

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