tCd Diary, Madrid February 23rd 2018


Recently we read this sentence: “Innovation - The Rare Art of listening! - Innovation is communication” and this got us thinking what it is to innovate through communication...

Our clients have constant access to information that they wish to have, are globally connected and actively making decisions based on the content they consume. 

The new generation of Clients buys services and products that will provide a greater personalized experience when consuming them. 

This has pushed companies to reinvent their selves in order to continue in the market.  

How to deliver innovative personalized experience?

By Perfecting the Art of Communication! Communicating with our clients with a view to understand their needs, expectations, buying factor and what will keep them excited to come back for more, it is the way forward.   

So, we also need to perfect the Art of Listening? We must come out from our own interests to understand how we can deliver those wanted experiences and engage with our clients. By paying attention and listening to what our clients say and think, we can then adapt and develop our strategy accordingly, taking into account what we have learned from the art of listening to our customers.

the Creative dots will help you innovate and provide your clients with the wanted level of satisfaction by using our Methodology tCd.

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