The keys to success. Project Bacus Eventos and tCd

Regardless of the type of market a company targets, the product or service it offers, two things are key to success: their value proposition and the customer experience.

A week ago we started a consulting project with the agency Bacus Eventos. Through the tCd Methodology and the Event Canvas Methodology we activated agile thinking and Design Thinking within their team and management.

The event is a milestone in the establishment of a solid customer-brand relationship. The industry is evolving and event agencies are forced to adapt to the continuous changes that impact their strategic programming and professional routines. Where is the difference when commercial offer and technology are easily imitated? The answer lies in the provision of innovative, creative and reliable solutions to the client's needs.

The tCd Assessment is the first phase of the tCd Methodology. We carry out an analysis of the type event clients and build a Value Proposition sustainable over time. The customer experience is a product of the co-creation of all departments. Therefore, after carrying out this situation analysis with Bacus Eventos Management, we involved their Production Team with the aim of aligning it to the established medium/long term strategy.

How did we do it? Empathizing with their key customers and building the Event Client Journey Map through the implementation of improvement procedures during those key points of contact with their client.

Bacus Eventos had the opportunity to design an event through Event Canvas from a global perspective, learning how to create value for all stakeholders and design the event according to the behavioural transformation that wants to be generated.

3 days of consulting that are the initial steps on their path towards Excellence. The tCd Methodology activates three more phases (called Dots) that involve the design and implementation of Customer Centric procedures, a Masterclass to the Teams responsible for the excellent management of events customer and the identification of internal talent to work towards developing their capabilities and competencies and ensure a satisfactory Customer Experience aligned with the business objectives of the company.

Once again the Creative dots team thanks Bacus Eventos for its involvement in this start-up project.