ROI and Satisfactory Customer Experience: two sides of the same coin.

the Creative dots, in its commitment towards innovation and knowledge, to continue evolving the industry of meetings and events, organizes an exclusive Meeting for MICE professionals with the pioneer of the Methodology ROI applied to events, Elling Hamso.

December 18th

Impact Hub Madrid

9:30h to 12h

The irruption of new technologies is transforming the way we relate to our clients and obtain valuable information about them and their needs in all sectors. How is this affecting the events sector? Where are we? What is behind the data we collect at an event?

The key to guarantee the success of an event is to dedicate time to its design (through Innovation Methodology) and to the definition, a priori, of what is to be measured. By establishing the indicators that will make our event profitable, we will be able to measure, analyse and make decisions. Or what is the same: we will achieve greater efficiency, more satisfied customers and competitive advantages.

Undoubtedly, this design phase, together with technology, facilitates data capture, the evaluation of behavioural change and attendee satisfaction... but data are only figures. Our great challenge continues to be to convert this data into information, which facilitates decision making and ensures continuous improvement, edition by edition.

At the Creative dots we believe in the effectiveness of the event as a strategic communication and marketing tool, and we are convinced that the key to guaranteeing its success is the application of Innovation Methodologies for its design, organization and execution, always focussed on the Customer Experience and obtaining the highest profitability.

If you want to share with us the morning of next December 18th and learn from the hand of this expert, Elling Hamso, the ROI Methodology applied to events, register at

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