Gran Canaria Convention Bureau & the Creative dots: a commitment for the development of MICE destinations.

the Creative dots team started December travelling to the island of Gran Canaria, to be part of the first edition of the Gran Canaria MICE Day, held by the Gran Canaria Convention Bureau.

Meetings tourism is constantly evolving and the industry as well as its professionals are obliged equally evolve. The Convetion Bureaus are also adopting new strategies and lines of action aimed at satisfying the needs of its clients and becoming the promoters of the destination's brand.

The Convention Bureau is a strategic tool for the professional and business development of its members, and for the economic and social development of the destination. For this reason, they have to work on a unique Value Proposition and place their clients at the centre of their business strategy.

"Events mean knowledge and economic impact for MICE destinations", said our CEO Ángeles Moreno, who brought the trends within the Industry to the members of the Gran Canaria Convention Bureau during a day of inspiration and knowledge about key concepts such as the Customer Experience or the value of the events.

During this session, the Gran Canaria Convention Bureau team presented their work promoting the destination, both nationally and internationally, as well as confirmed their commitment to continue positioning the island as a MICE destination.

Regardless of the type of market a company targets, the product or service it offers, two things are key to success: its value proposition and the customer experience, main differentiating factor between companies. For this reason, the Creative dots carried out a dynamic to work on the Institution's Value Proposition, activating agile thinking in its members: What do we want to be in the long term? How do we achieve our objectives? What is the promise we make to our clients?

the Creative dots works with its clients, from the understanding of their business objectives, their current state of situation through the tCd Assessment tool, setting medium and long term objectives, and implementing efficient working methods with the client at the centre of the strategy so that the teams work for a continuous improvement of the Client Experience.

Shall we walk together towards Excellence?