Case Study of the tCd Methodology

A good year is predicted for MICE tourism in Spain and event organizers as well as suppliers have to implement Innovation Methodologies that allow them to evolve and adapt to the needs of their event clients. Nowadays quality, although absolutely necessary, is no longer enough to sell a proposal. Companies in the industry have to seek to improve the experience of their customers and achieve their engagement.

For over a year now, the Creative dots team has carried out a start-up project to implement the tCd Methodology within the Spain business unit of its client Meliá Hotels International, in order to drive innovation in its MICE hotels.

The objective of the tCd Methodology, through four phases called dot, is to know where, when and how a company has to act in order to obtain a greater return on investment through excellent management of the events Client. It is a dynamic method, using Design Thinking tools and techniques.

This start-up project with Meliá's hotels, which forms part of their programme `Passion For Mice´, has meant the activation of the Dots 1 and 3 of the tCd Methodology, involving Management and teams responsible, within 19 hotels.

The project began with the activation of Dot 1, the tCd Assessment tool, based on the analysis of event client types, procedures and internal processes of the company in managing these clients and the construction of its value proposition.

You cannot understand a Customer Experience Strategy that does not contemplate the involvement of the entire organization. the Creative dots visited some MICE hotels to understand the needs of the teams and subsequently designed the structure and content of the Masterclasses that have been taught (Dot 3). In this way, the staff responsible for the management of Meliá’s event client analysed each moment of interaction with the client from the start of a request, reviewing the efficiency of the procedures they implement that directly impact the improvement of the client experience.

Our CEO, Angeles Moreno affirms that a strategic management of the Customer Experience contributes to generating memorable moments and positively impacts on economic results: reduction of the rate of loss or cancellation, increase in profitability per customer, increase in sales due to the generation of prescribers who recommend us... "We must encourage collaboration among all departments, implementing agile and efficient internal procedures as well as involving the teams and providing them with the necessary tools to develop competencies and capabilities. All this by always placing the events client at the centre of the organisation."

The tCd Methodology also activates a design phase of efficient procedures for the management of the event client (Dot 2) and a design phase of a tailor-made Coaching programme (Dot 4), which allows the evolution of the teams towards the provision of an excellent service.

"The continuation of this project with the Spain business unit of Meliá is to put the focus on people and their skills and abilities. Within a company, people are agents of change and facilitators of organisational transformation. The Dot 4 (tCd Talent) is a phase to continue advising our clients within the provision of their services for events through the identification and training of internal leaders," concludes Ángeles Moreno.

Once again we would like to thank the teams involved in the Meliá Hotels International Spain business unit for their involvement and trust in our tCd Methodology.