Methodology tCd: Activating agile thinking at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona.

In a more competitive environment, of digital transformation, with similar products and services there is an undeniable reality, the business success of companies and their growth is based on the different "connection" they establish with their customers and the ability to generate a memorable and differentiating experience.

The keys to this success? Empathize with the client, anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. In short, the Customer Centric culture.

The professionals of the sector have to place the client at the centre of the customer experience strategy, designing personalized experiences and creating a story in which people are the central point. Based on this, the strategy must be focussed on achieving two objectives: create a memorable experience and be sustainable, generating a positive impact aligned with the business objectives of the company.

This week part of our the Creative dots team has travelled to Barcelona to execute a consulting and training project at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona Fira Center with our tCd Methodology.

The Hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona has a great commitment to quality and continuous improvement, hence this joint project is one more step to ensure the success of any event that takes place within their spaces.

Through the tCd Assessment tool of our tCd Methodology, we carry out an analysis of the type of event client and build a Value Proposal. This analysis enables the establishment of a clear set of objectives in a medium/long term strategy.

The Customer Experience is the product of the co-creation of all departments. Therefore, after working with the hotel Management, we involved, with a collaborative approach, the Team responsible for their Event Clients in an ad-hoc tCd Masterclass which informs and trains the staff regarding efficient procedures in their management and about trends within the industry in order to continue driving continuous improvement.

The hotel Crowne Plaza Barcelona team used agile and design thinking in different dynamics, in order to offer its MICE clients creative, fast and reliable solutions.

From the Creative dots team, we want to thank you for your involvement in this journey towards Excellence.