#AgileExperience: by improving internal processes, we achieve greater efficiency, in times and management.

Yesterday I participated as a student in a Workshop on Agile Experience at La Salle University. A morning of knowledge that has made me reconsider - a lot - about how to continue contributing with value, benefits and knowledge for our clients in that process of constant improvement of the Experience of their clients and events.

In the Creative dots we are experts in EVENTS from different approaches: we consider the event the most influential and powerful marketing tool, and for that reason we have developed the tCd Methodology. We implement the Methodology within the workflow of companies with the aim that their strategy and their teams can better understand the needs of their clients. At the same time, the teams identify and know the objective of the event itself and implement an efficient method of managing both. This process of understanding by the teams is key to the development of the MICE business line that different companies work with.

The organizations live immersed in a VUCA environment (this concept was created in the nineties by the American soldiers and responds to the English acronym formed by the terms Volatility, Uncertatinty, Complexity and Ambiguity), a scenario in which they are seen in the obligation to adapt to the continuous changes that attack its strategic programming and professional routines.

This environment forces us to be flexible in view of possible (and probable) changes, so it makes sense for the teams to adopt agile methodologies and understand that not only must the changes, but also the management tools.

The Agile Methodology is defined as a set of methodologies for the development of projects that require speed and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions in the sector or market, using these changes to provide a competitive advantage. That is, the project is "cut" into small parts that have to be completed and delivered in a few weeks. (María Tena. What is the Agile Methodology?)

To survive in a future VUCA you have to start working in the present, and better to do it as soon as possible. By improving internal processes, we achieve greater efficiency, in times and management.

Agile breaks with the traditional linear planning projects, which in addition to being very time-consuming and unproductive, did not take into account the possible modifications and needs of the client, until the product or service was delivered to the customer. If we are more agile managing a project, we will also be to respond to the needs of customers and any problems that may arise, right?

The application of innovation methodologies always means a continuous improvement in the Customer Experience and in your satisfaction with our brand.

the Creative dots works with its clients, from the understanding of its business objectives, its current state of affairs through the tCd Assessment tool, setting medium and long-term objectives, and implementing efficient work methods with the client in the center of the strategy, for the teams to work on a continuous improvement of the Customer Experience. We work with internal transformation leaders and train teams to take change management to a successful project.