The Customer Experience, the Design of Strategic Events and how these two concepts lead to Extraordinary Events

Second edition of the Workshop Event Canvas organized by the Creative dots, during which 8 Professionals of the events sector, activated the "Think outside the box" mode and were seduced by the Event Canvas Innovation Methodology.

Guided by Angeles Moreno, Director of the Event Design Collective in Spain and founder of the Creative dots, they put into practice each of the phases of this Methodology: identification, selection and qualification of stakeholders, empathy map ... This Methodology is a staging to enhance creativity and interdepartmental synergies. Event Canvas encourages teams to reach general agreement about the event, without diverging from its main goal.

We have all asked ourselves at some point what a strategic event is and how to create value through it.

Through a Case Study, the participants created a real experience of strategic design of an event, ending with the presentation of two prototypes. The methodology uses a variety of visual thinking techniques such as ROI methodology, recognition of the business model, monitoring the design of services and modelling of the didactic design ... providing professionals with innovative tools to ensure the success of the event.

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Angeles Moreno insisted to the participants that the design of events with Event Canvas, takes into account the expectations of the stakeholders and aims to change the behaviour of attendees. This way, we can measure the ROI of the event and obtain data to apply in next editions, always being strategically aligned with business objectives.

We cannot finish this post without thanking, once again, all the newly Level 1 certified #EventDesigners for having shared their experience and knowledge with #tCdTeam.

One step further into innovation within the events sector!

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