My participation in the SITE / MPI Global Forum event - Rome 2018 by Angeles Moreno

SITE + MPI GLOBAL FORUM - 12th - 14th JANUARY 2018

SITE + MPI GLOBAL FORUM - 12th - 14th JANUARY 2018

After my recent participation in this event, I really want to share my experience with you all, so here is my personal opinion about the SITE / MPI Global Forum event in Rome.

I personally had to attend to this event, as president of the Spanish chapter of MPI and due to the launch during the Global Forum of the transformation of the Spanish into Iberian Chapter, as well as with my new role within MPI Int. as Chair of the European Advisory Council. I never doubted whether to attend or not.



This does not make my level of expectations lower than the rest of the participants. Precisely my status as leader in MPI made me have very high expectations, in addition the fact that to my company, the Creative dots, any innovation we can add will favor its development.

In my analysis, the first thing I would look at is the event promise,

what did the event promise me if I attended to its call?

New ideas. New connections. New experiences.
Built with you in mind, the SITE + MPI Global Forum gathers the best and brightest across the meetings and incentive travel industries to power expanded connections, education and destination exploration.

I believe the sector Associations are the ones that should strive the most to make events for their professionals that really contribute with an absolutely differentiating value and I think, on this occasion, we have not achieved this.

Associations have to ask themselves this question more often:

why do we organize events?

In addition to the fact that it is a way of attracting funds and being able to continue with the non-profit work we perform, we hold events because we want to lead change, evolution and innovation in our industry and our members.

These should be the basis of our motivation.

If we convince our audience to attend events such as SITE / MPI Global Forum, it must be because attending this event will mean “a before and after” in our professional development, where participants will leave the event with new knowledge, contacts and ideas, as the event promised.

I have not felt it that way and after talking with several colleagues, there have been more people who agree with my opinion. Let me analyze my experience:

The hotel chosen as main venue, Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, was beautiful but its location did not favor the visit of Rome in your spare time. In addition, it offered a "special" rate that was very high for the participants, hence many of them had to stay in other hotels.

Regarding the event format, MPI made a qualitative change in 2016, year in which the event was led by experts in Meeting Design, I speak of its edition in Copenhagen, EMEC 2016, where Meetovation was the main methodology used. And here in Rome we did not find set ups that helped the networking exercise, nor active participation in the event.

Additionally, at EMEC 2017 in Granada, emotions were the common theme and we managed to include the destination in each and every event element, bringing participants and city closer. Granada was in the heart of each one of them. Everyone knew how to understand the spirit of Granada. They were days full of inspiration, experiences and emotions.

Unfortunately during Global Forum Rome the only approach to the destination Rome was the presentation of the paleontologist and writer Alberto Angela, which I must admit, was spectacular. Congratulations!

The keynote speakers were also very impressive, highlighting Julie Cottineau of BrandTwist and Frans Johansson of the Medici Group.

As happens always, there were smaller sessions, some to highlight and others not. Here I have to say that as a speaker in several sessions, I confirm that you find yourself in a very strict organization, offering slots of maximum 60 minutes and with a very specific and inflexible meeting rooms set-up, no control for maximum capacities, etc. making it difficult for your content to be unique within the event. It was about giving an absolutely standard session.

As for the rest I think that interesting programs were carried out about Women in Leadership, which will surely bring a lot of value to women who want to be highly valued professionals, making their personal decision of being or not mothers, something that should not impact on their professional career in any case.

To finish, I have lots of hope in the next EMEC 2019 in The Hague, organized by the Dutch chapter of MPI. I am sure that we will return to fulfill promises and we will leave the event with the evolution that we all expect, when participating in events of our beloved industry.



Of course, this is only my opinion!

See you soon!

Ángeles Moreno

Founder tCd

EDCo Director Spain

Ángeles Moreno