tCd Diary, Madrid September 22nd 2017

tCd team continues developing their proyects. On a daily basis we receive enquiries from companies and professionals that want to evolve in customer experience and event management.

Our job is to analyze their work systems and internal procedures, to detect “the talent” within the team. This “leader in transformation” will continue the process towards excellence reassuring the execution of best practices.

We implement, through innovative methodologies, the best training for the best teams.

Our mission is to help those that adopt and perform our methodologies, to achieve the guaranteed satisfaction in their customer experience.

Here a little tip for improving the #customerexperience so it is positive from the very begining:

Listen the necessities of your clients, let them speak, it is really good that they feel you are interested in their opinion and stablish a dialogue asking them questions. Lots of Empathy!

It seems basic and simple, but we keep on forgetting this…  

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