tCd Methodology

A Totally Transformative Team Experience for Event Professionals

It is time to re-design the way we deal with professional development in our Meetings & Events teams

When facing the educational & professional development of our work teams we usually have 2 options:

  1. Option A is often chosen by many companies and involves ZERO investment in team training and development. However, Albert Einstein once said “if you do the same thing over and over again you cannot expect different results”.
  2. Option B is organizing training meetings in the form of endless and exhausting sessions in conference rooms that do not offer creative and innovative results. Team building activities involving whitewater rafting trips that, although they are so much fun, do not create the high performance team that the company needs.

We offer you the perfect solution:

the tCd methodology!!!

The Creative dots offers a unique format of training experience to improve the performance of work teams. The content of the sessions is tailored to the needs of the company, thus getting the team involved in their everyday work, so that results will be measurable and remarkable almost immediately after the sessions.

How do we do it?


Designing the right experience

We create an environment that allows participants to engage in a more conscious, reflective and creative way of working. Every detail counts, from choosing the right places to designing a healthy menu.


Unlocking team performance

The magic of a great team is not only what they do, but how they do it. We help teams define how they want to work together and we provide them with guidance for learning and practicing new ways of working.


Dealing with work strategically

With the right environment and team dynamics in place, teams will be ready to tackle their work in a more strategic way. Whether finding the definition of the company vision, planning major initiatives or performing any other task along the way, they will improve their work step by step.


Our training sessions are intense, but also restorative and very energetic.

We use visual thinking and co-creation techniques and we design strategies with users at the workplace, thus getting the best ideas and encouraging teams to make their own decisions in an accelerated format. This is complemented by a structured approach where we observe, define and change the patterns of behavior in the teams.

**We will continue telling you more about our "tCd Methodology" in our next post, but if you can´t wait and want to know more about each one of these aspects for you, your team or your company, please don´t hesitate to contact us:

We will be delighted to help you with your Evolution towards Excellence!

Written by: Ángeles Moreno

Ángeles Moreno