tCd Life Motive!

Having reached this point in life and being able to start up your fourth business project and dedicate it to support the Events Industry professionals in their professional career  is great, don´t you think?


In the DNA of tCd we find: excellence, meticulous and detailed work. Supporting professionals in our industry during their professional development  is very rewarding.

So we decided to come on to the market on the 14th of February 2017, (yes... it was no  coincidence... I had never celebrated Valentine’s Day in particular  but now I will always have an extra reason to do so!)

Our analysis, mentoring and training services follow “the tCd methodology”:

  • Road to Excellence: We will visit your company, revise your business capture process and execution of events. Then we will analyze these processes at a high professional level.

Afterwards, we will tailor make  training sessions strategically adapted to your company. When the entire process is successfully finished, we will give you the  customized procedures for your company to follow.

  • Customer Experience. What do your clients think when receiving your services? Do you think you can make them fond of you and your company? Let us help you create  your customer experience strategy, personalized based on the goals of your business.
  • This is one of my favorite subjects: identifying internal talent and providing support, training… offering a mentoring service for "transformation leaders", to help them develop their skills in capturing & managing excellent events.

We will help you to achieve your goal and success with these and other topics adapted to your needs.

Count on us and together we will work in the career development of our Industry Professionals.

See you in the next post!

Angeles Moreno

Founder tCd

EDCo Director Spain