Hate routine, bring on the challenge!

If after 22 years in the Events Industry you can still learn, evolve, be surprised, grow, suffer, hesitate… I’d say you can consider yourself a privileged professional.


The new “tCd” project  and, more specifically, my role as the Director of the Event Design Collective in Spain, allows us to keep getting involved in exciting projects that keep us moving forward.

Less than two weeks ago we were in Milan working as analysts of the Global Spine Congress 2017 (GSC17). The Event Owner wanted an external expert opinion about the event and an analysis of participants’ level of satisfaction; suggestions for improvement and a five-year strategic development plan.

So there we were with the #eventcanvas methodology, working with customer experience measurement systems during the GSC17.

We selected a group of around 100 "spies", including representatives of every  stakeholders group attending the congress. Their job was to report every moment to us, any feeling or experience they may have, and they did so through an app we made available to them for this event.

In addition to this Collection of Customer Experiences, we made an in-depth analysis of each of the congress elements, aka “the customer journey”: web registration, access to the main venue, hotels, educational sessions, catering services, venue facilities, destination, staff, etc. Everything was analyzed by our team of experts in order to deliver a final report and a diagnosis  to the Event Owner.

We created a workspace in one of the Conference Centre offices. We displayed the #eventcanvas methodology and worked together with all attendees who wanted to go through our facilities to evaluate their experience during the Congress. They shared their ideas for improvement, best practices from past editions, suggestions, successes and failures, etc.

With all this information, we are working internally this week to present an initial report to the client in Switzerland next  week. We hope to  be able to help them in the successful planning  of future  GSC editions.

See you in the next post!

Angeles Moreno

Founder tCd

EDCo Director Spain