tCd Diary, Madrid November 9th 2017

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We read a publication today in HOSTELTUR where it was mentioned that "there is a tendency of clients to value quality of service and customer experience above the Stars Category of the Hotels".


In a continuously evolving world, caused by the large use of internet, where the client has direct access to the desired information, Product Reviews or Online Service lead the buying decision list above the Stars Category of the Hotels.  



It is then necessary to highlight and implement differentiated client management procedures in order to offer a unique experience and achieve the maximum score in "online and offline recommendations".

We must get FANS of our services to maintain an active and repetitive clientele.

The challenge is to know what experience your client wants because that is something that only he decides. To overcome this difficulty, we have to provide our staff with innovative & updated training and encourage active listening techniques in our teams.


With the Training and Consultancy work using our tCd Methodology, you will be able to discover which are the improvement points and which ones should be maximized in your company to place its online and offline reputation at the best ranking position of...

"Customer experience"

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