What happens when you put together professionals of the design & organization of events, marketing, communication and the study & analysis of people's behaviour in the same working group?

the Creative dots: Events Worth Attending

We are experts in the design and organization of events through innovation methodologies.

OUR PROMISE: be your PARTNER to elevate the event from a logistics (production) to strategic level, increasing the profitability of the event.



Our services

We work with method and tools and apply our experience to the development of the event and to our clients, converting the relation into a successful partnership.

Events Organization

More than 20 years endorse us in the organization of meetings & events and we create memorable experiences through an empathic and human vision, hand in hand with an efficient and productive team.

Strategic Events Design

We propose a design phase prior to the organization of the event with the Event Canvas Innovation Methodology hand in hand with Angeles Moreno, Spanish Director of Event Design Collective.

Events “Key on hand”

We offer you an integral service of design, production and assembly, and we turn your project into an unforgettable experience.

Measurement of ROI

We measure the impact of your events to achieve greater efficiency, more satisfied customers and competitive advantages.


Talent Management

We assess some of the best brands worldwide in the design, organization and execution of their events and we train teams in the Events Client management using the tCd Methodology.

Event Canvas Methodology

Ángeles Moreno, Spanish Director of Event Design Collective, is consolidating the design of strategic events in Spain, organizing workshops for professionals and offering consulting services to companies in the sector using the Event Canvas Methodology.


We work hand in hand with current leaders of the sector as well as leaders of the future, PROMOTING INNOVATION.

Our clients say!


"Working with Angeles and her team at the Creative dots has been a pleasure, they have inspired and motivated us to carry out events with excellence, understanding very well our philosophy and way of working here at Imapct Hub" The design of our procedures thanks to her advice and experience allows us to say, without doubt, that there is a before and after in our events thanks to the Creative dots " 

Tamara Kreisler - Event Manager IMPACT HUB MADRID